16 Common Household Pests And How To Get Rid Of Them

Tide liquid detergent

Where you shop in New York really does matter. We’ve compared prices on common household items from three New York City retailers Duane Reade, Food Emporium, and Bed Bath & Beyondm and one online retailer,Soap.com. The not-so-obvious option Bed Bath & Beyond seems to be the cheapest in nearly every category. Soap.com’s prices were comparable, but the site charges $5.99 for shipping on orders under $35. The items we included in this survey were an average of 36% cheaper at Bed Bath & Beyond. Popular grocery store Food Emporium was most expensive, followed by Duane Reade.

Since the recession, trends have changed. According to the latest Census figures, roughly 380,000 new households were formed in the last 12 months. And worse, the number of young adults living with their parents ticked up as well. The latter trend is about young people not getting jobs, Kolko explained. And even if they get jobs, they dont move out right away, he added. You need to save up, to build up a cash cushion and the financial confidence to move out. You need to be able to pass a credit check and have the first and last month rent. At this point in recovery, Kolko believes we should be seeing household formation back not only at normal levels but higher. All those young people who moved in with their parents over the past few years and didnt move out during the recession, there should be pent-up demand for household formation. Everyone was thinking once they move out, they will form lots of new households, Kolko added. Its the worst sort of news for the new construction industry, which is still operating at about 50 percent of where it was during the height of the housing boom. Roughly 450,000 new homes are expected to be sold this year, compared with more than 800,000 in a more normal year.

Some kinds of biting flies can transmit illnesses through the spread of human blood. How to Ditch Em:Clean up garbage, take out the trash, and mop up spills ASAP. Put screens on windows and sliding doors to prevent bugs from getting in from outside. Fashion some homemade traps (sans harmful chemicals) to control flies inside the house. 8. Lice What They Look Like: Grey-white bugs the size of a sesame seed. Nits (lice eggs, which are more commonly seen than full-grown adults) appear as yellow, tan, or brown dots. Typical Hood:All over the world. Home Headquarters:Lice usually hang out on the scalp , although some varieties can infest the rest of the body. Fave Snacks:Human and animal blood. Danger Zone:Itching, insomnia, and infected sores due to itching are the worst side effects.


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